In 2013 I instigated a project called ‘Wildlife Reworked'.  E17 families took part in weekend workshops throughout June and early July, creating sculptures inspired by local wildlife.  

The finished sculptures toured Waltham Forest venues throughout the summer holidays : Waterworks Nature Reserve, The Mill and Vestry House Museum.

Wildlife Reworked

Making squirrel at Waterworks Nature Reserve

The touring exhibition included drop-in events such as a music workshop with Steno Vitale at Waterworks Nature Reserve, poetry with Mo Gallaccio at The Mill, and an end-of-project Tea Party at Vestry House Museum with live music, collage and puppet-making.

Tufty squirrel, recycled sculpture
Fox sculpture made from found materials
Spike, hedgehog made from aluminium cans
Magpie sculpture at Vestry House Museum
Swan sculpture made from waste materials
Music workshop at waterworks Nature reserve