TIDELINE at Blue Fin Building, Bankside

I created this 6 metre by 2.5 metre wall-based piece for The Blue Fin Building on Bankside. It was commissioned for the building by J2, in collaboration with recycling and waste management company Recorra. Businesses across all floors of the building collected three weeks' worth of their waste, from which I selected materials to create this representation of a section of the Thames foreshore, where land meets water. Recorra supplied audit figures and we worked out that the weight of materials I used represented 5.6 hours' worth of recyclable waste produced by the building (paper, cans, plastic and cardboard) on an average working day.

A challenging build, I had to create the piece to fit within an existing structure, a lenticular format which would normally be used for printed graphic panels. I mocked up the top and bottom of the structure at my studio and devised a system to suspend the waste materials within 14 vertical recesses within the structure. I used wire rope with silicone spacers and meccano-style locking nuts, to suspend the materials in a way which can be reversed easily and the fixings re-used. So when it comes to de-installing the work, I'll be able to go down on the train, put all the materials back in the recycling bins and come back with a bag of wires and fixings ready for the next challenge!

As part of this project the Blue Fin Building are looking to raise awareness amongst tenants in order to improve their recycling rates, and also to highlight the work of and raise funds for Thames21, whose aim is to educate and advocate for cleaner rivers.

November 2023