Michelle created this wall-based relief sculpture as part of the Seneca Wall project.  The project led to the creation of a 508-ft long recycling-inspired mural on the wall of the recycling facility in Wembley, which was created in a bid to tackle a graffiti problem at the site, and includes work by a variety of artists. The letters are made up of a variety of materials which represent the range of waste processed by Seneca, built onto a base of Ecosheet (a sheet material made from compressed plastic waste).

The word Seneca is reflected across a mirror or horizon line. The way the materials are used reflect the lifecycle of a material and its potential for re-use, and the reflection of the word represents Seneca’s ‘cradle-to-cradle’ approach. The reflected letters below the mirror line are an interpretation created with the help of local schoolchildren, which encouraged them to think creatively about what happens to our waste.

Seneca wall relief by Michelle Reader (detail)
Seneca wall relief by Michelle Reader