Life-size figure sculptures made from waste materials


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Michelle creates sculptures of people from a range of waste materials.  The armature is constructed from scrap wood and metal, and is then clad with card, plastics, metal and paper.  Detail elements such as hands and faces are usually made in papier-mâché, using a mix of scrap paper.  Materials used are often relevant to the portrait subject or client.  The portrait sculptures give a fascinating snapshot of individual consumption and highlight the need to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste.

Off The Hook, recycled sculpture by Michelle Reader
Junkmail Postman, sculpture by Michelle Reader
Bradgate Bakery figure sculpture (detail)
Recycled clown sculpture by Michelle Reader (detail)
Portrait bust of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall by Michelle Reader
Self portrait recycled sculpture, close-up
Recycled figure sculpture in Sutton Coldfield, Michelle Reader
Oriana, recycled figure sculpture by Michelle Reader