I have been working regularly with Bamboozle Theatre Company since 1998, creating theatrical environments in schools and theatres, and making props and puppets for touring shows.  Bamboozle create magical and memorable multi-sensory experiences for children with moderate to profound learning difficulties as well as those with emotional and behavioural difficulties.  In early 2018 I created a 'Cloud-o-matic' machine and bird puppet for Bamboozle's new touring show 'Pulse'. The cloud machine was made using objects including an old pram, bicycle wheel and watering can.  Performers interacted with it to create rhythmic sound which built up to a confetti cannon explosion and the magical emergence of a fabric cloud from its chimneys.  'Bird' is made from found objects including a shower hose, meccano bits, a crocodile clip, springs and shoe stretchers.


The image above is a scene using shadows and a crow puppet, from a schools residency based on the National Theatre's 'War Horse'. To the left is an image from another Bamboozle schools residency entitled 'The Sea' where in the scene pictured I used video projection and a sculpture of a boat to depict part of the narrative.