In 2022 I was commissioned by Wild Rumpus to create three large scale unicorn sculptures for the Palace of Light, a seasonal light trail at Hampton Court Palace.  The brief was 'glittering unicorns' and thus began my search for shiny things.  

I built the structures from broken trampoline frames, bicycle wheel rims and fan casings; the glittery surface and details are a mix of CDs, aluminium cans, reflectors from light fittings, pots and pans, shower hoses and a variety of found objects.  A lot of the shiny materials including the CDs and reflectors were donated by Wastecare, a recycling business and former client based near Wakefield.

Wild Rumpus created mirror ball surrounds for the sculptures and lit them in the impressive surroundings of Clock Court.  This installation was part of a series of 11 created for the event, which was inspired by the statues of mythical beasts commissioned by Henry VIII for Hampton Court.

The unicorns have since visited other fesivals and light trails, including Timber Festival and Christmas at Bute Park.

December 2022