This 6-metre tall structure of clowns clambering up a pile of old furniture was created for the Basingstoke Festival, commissioned by Festival Place Shopping Centre.  Michelle worked on the sculpture on location over the four weekends of the festival, and the sculpture is made entirely from materials thrown away by customers and retailers at the centre.

Materials include wooden cable reels, an old ladder, table and chairs, bits of mannequins, scrap wood, coffee cups, tin cans, plastic bags, an umbrella, leaflets and magazines, newspapers, aluminium cans, skis.

Dimensions: 600 x 250 x 120cm approx.

June/July 2012

Clowns recycled sculpture at Basingstoke Festival
Recycled clown climbing ladder
Recycled clown sculpture with guitar
Recycled clown sculpture, detail of legs
Michelle Reader with recycled clowns sculpture in Basingstoke
Recycled clowns in Basingstoke (detail)